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Client: Athina Luxury Suites

Our project centered around the creation of an enchanting virtual tour for Athina Luxury Suites, an esteemed boutique hotel that has been bestowed with the prestigious title of "Best Luxury Boutique Hotel in Greece."

Our goal was to elevate guest engagement and stimulate bookings by utilizing state-of-the-art technologies and customized experiences.
By seamlessly integrating speaking avatars, captivating image galleries showcasing the hotel's exquisite restaurant and pool bar, immersive voice-over narration, and customizable avatars, our aim was to provide potential guests with a truly immersive and interactive digital encounter.

Visitors spent five times longer on the hotel's website compared to other pages, indicating the effectiveness of the virtual tour in capturing and retaining their attention.

The CTR on the booking form to check availability via the virtual tour was 30% higher compared to other web pages of the hotel, demonstrating the effectiveness of the immersive experience in encouraging potential guests to take the next step in the booking process.

Client: Art Scene 360°

ArtScene 360 is an innovative online virtual art gallery that has revolutionized the way artists showcase their work and art enthusiasts explore and experience art.
With a mission to provide equal opportunities to artists and a platform that offers a plethora of art encounters, ArtScene 360 has quickly gained recognition for its commitment to fostering inclusivity and expanding the horizons of the art world.

We created a 3D virtual art gallery that replicated the experience of visiting a physical gallery. This immersive environment allowed artists to display their artwork in a visually stunning and interactive space accessible to art lovers worldwide.

ArtScene 360 provide artists with increased visibility and exposure, allowing them to reach a global audience that might have been otherwise inaccessible. Artists showcase their work to a diverse community of art enthusiasts, leading to increased recognition and potential collaborations

Client: Knightwood Court

Our project involved the creation of an immersive 360° virtual tour for a prestigious luxury property that seamlessly combines upmarket city living with a serene country atmosphere.
The property showcases a rich mix of architectural appreciation for English heritage, capturing the timeless elegance of Georgian design.

The virtual tour aimed to transport potential buyers into the essence of the property's design, allowing them to appreciate its grandeur and attention to detail.

By utilizing technologies such as day-night effects and 360° aerial photography, potential buyers were captivated by the property's grandeur, elegance, and its harmonious integration with the natural surroundings.
The immersive virtual tour experience increased buyer engagement , fostering a deeper connection with the property and ultimately facilitating informed purchase decisions

Client: Camden Coffee Roastery

Our project involved capturing and showcasing the outstanding interior design and aesthetics of a brand new all-day café and brunch spot located in Camden.
The objective was to create visually captivating content that would effectively communicate the ambiance and allure of the space, enticing customers to visit and experience the café firsthand.

We aimed to produce captivating visuals that would accurately represent the ambiance, colors, textures, and overall aesthetic of the café.
The objective was to evoke an emotional connection with potential customers, inspiring them to visit and enjoy the café's atmosphere.
The 360 photographs were carefully composed to highlight key areas of the café, such as the seating areas, barista station, cozy nooks, and the standout design features. This approach provided potential customers with a comprehensive visual representation of the café's aesthetics.

Post-processing techniques were applied to enhance the visual appeal and accurately represent the café's color palette, lighting, and overall ambiance. This included adjustments to brightness, contrast, and color balance to ensure the photographs aligned with the actual experience of being in the café.

The professional and visually stunning content enhanced the brand perception of the café, positioning it as a stylish and desirable destination in Camden. The showcased aesthetics resonated with customers, fostering a positive impression of the café and encouraging repeat visits

Client: Commercial Property EC4 London

Our project involved utilizing virtual staging techniques to showcase the potential of a commercial property office space for rent in the City of London. Recognizing that potential clients often struggle to visualize how an empty commercial space can be utilized, we aimed to provide an immersive experience by virtually staging the space to demonstrate its full potential and attract new viewers.

The primary objective was to help potential clients better understand and visualize the possibilities of the commercial office space. By utilizing virtual staging techniques, we aimed to showcase how the empty space could be transformed into a functional and appealing office environment tailored to their specific needs.

We utilized advanced virtual staging techniques to digitally furnish and decorate the commercial office space. By incorporating realistic and visually appealing elements such as furniture, decor, and fixtures, we aimed to create a compelling representation of the space's potential.

By providing potential clients with a clear understanding of the space's potential through virtual staging 360° tour, the conversion rates from inquiries to property viewings and lease negotiations increased . Prospective clients were more inclined to take action and explore the space in person, leading to a higher likelihood of successful lease agreements.

Client: Aei Ferein Education Center

Our project involved the creation of a captivating 360° virtual exhibition for Aeiferein, an esteemed education center in Athens, Greece. The objective was to showcase the activities and experiences of children during the summer camp through a combination of videos, photo galleries, and immersive 360° visuals.

We incorporated videos and photo galleries within the virtual exhibition to showcase the diverse range of activities children engaged in during the summer camp. This included sports, arts and crafts, educational workshops, team-building exercises, and more.

The virtual exhibition was designed with a user-friendly interface, allowing parents to easily access different sections and interact with the content. It provided a seamless and enjoyable browsing experience.

Parents expressed high satisfaction with the virtual exhibition as it allowed them to actively participate in their children's summer camp experiences. They could view and share videos and photos, fostering a sense of involvement and connection.
Additionally, the virtual exhibition played a vital role during open days, effectively promoting the summer camp to prospective parents.

Aeiferein's adoption of this innovative approachexpanded its reach and facilitated increased engagement and enrollment , solidifying its reputation as a leading education center in Athens, Greece.

Client: Athens Olympic Stadium

Our project involved the creation of an immersive 360° virtual tour for the recently renovated Presidential Suite at the Athens Olympic Stadium. Through close collaboration with the administration, our goal was to showcase the suite's modernized design, featuring carefully chosen materials and colors that evoke the essence of Greece.

The virtual tour includes an innovative day-night effect, allowing users to experience the suite's ambiance and beauty both during the vibrant daylight hours and the enchanting evening hours. The space exudes a sense of understated luxury, with clean lines and elegant aesthetics taking center stage.

The virtual tour elevated the appeal of the Presidential Suite, attracting potential guests who sought a modern, luxurious, and culturally-inspired experience. The immersive tour provided viewers with an in-depth understanding of the suite's design, encouraging bookings and visitations